Contract Manufacturing Service

We have years of technological expertise and advance machinery capabilities for providing standard Contract Manufacturing Service. We provide contract manufacturing service to offer medium to high volume production. Our Contract Manufacturing Services are available to simplify and enhance brass components procurement and inventory management programs. Our Contract Manufacturing Service meet the International Quality Standards with a wide range of in-house capabilities and outsourcing options in order to deliver brass components. Thus we have a strong position in manufacturing of performance driven and durable Brass Components and Brass Parts for our clients.

OEM Manufacturing Solution

From concept to finished product in one smooth flow of Requirement, Design, Development and Manufacturing, we offer brass precision machining and components services all under the same roof. As a OEM, we import vast number of material from approved vendors which provides Highest Quality and International Standard Material. The advanced technologies, skilled team and decades of experience lead to provide service and high quality Brass Components at every stage of the process including design, development, production and assembly of complex brass components. Our Diverse Range of Brass Components and Parts are used in wide sector of Industries including Aerospace, Telecommunications, Automotive, defense, renewable energy, medical device and other industries.


  • Using Brass in the technology of Hot Forging, Precision Machining and Assembly.
  • Small to Mass Run Production.
  • Compliance with the most stringent Quality Control Regulations.
  • Close teamwork with customers to satisfy the needs for Just-In-Time.
  • Customized Manufacturing and Production.