DIN Retaining Ring

DIN Retaining rings

DIN Retaining rings are fastening elements made under the German DIN Standard. DIN Retaining rings are very popular in various fields of production, and construction has excellent quality and reliability.

The following are the specifications of German DIN Retaining rings:


  • Steel
  • Carbon spring steel
  • Alloy steel
  • Copper
  • Spring steel
  • Stainless steel (304, 316, 410)


  • The general range of DIN Retaining rings is resistance to wear and corrosion.
  • The retaining rings are circular and can be tapered, untapered, or spiral.
  • Retaining ring designs include spiral, tapered, and constant sections.
  • The general range of DIN Retaining rings has good strength and hardness.


  • Retaining rings are strong, thin, circular metal components that are installed into a groove to create a shoulder that retains an assembly.
  • Retaining rings are easy to install and don’t require special training. They can also reduce installation times.
  • They can also act as a mechanical stop or limit movement.
  • Retaining rings have a compact design and avoid complex machining.
  • Retaining rings can withstand axial loading and reduce vibration. They can also prevent mating components from moving too much.


  • The retaining ring can be used to move the ring in either direction or adjust its position after installation.
  • Retaining rings are used in mechanical power transmission assemblies to stop sub-components or assemblies from coming off the shaft or housing bore.
  • They are often used in the automotive, aerospace, medical device, and consumer electronics industries.
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