Rivets are produced by the method of hot or cold riveting from various alloys of brass, steel or stainless steel. Wide range of Rivets consist of cylindrical cone type body and closing head. Brass Rivets does not rust, oxidize or crack when contacting water. Rivets are the Fasteners in the form of round tube or rod, which has a crown at one end. The Rivets make it possible to obtain a one-piece connection of parts with increased demands of strength of the joint.

Following are the specification of Solid Rivets


  • Free Cutting Brass
  • CDA 260 (ASTM B-134)
  • CDA 270 (ASTM B-134)
  • Stainless Steel
  • Steel
  • Aluminium
  • Copper
  • Titanium


  • Rivets are corrosion resistance and abrasion resistance.
  • General range of rivets provide strength after cold-heating.
  • Standard Range of Rivets offer Higher Conductivity and Aesthetic Appeal.
  • The Cold Forming process increase the strength of material.
  • Rivets have high plasticity, strength and durability.
  • Available in Standards including GOST 10299-80, 10303, 12641-80.
  • Rivets are resistant to Aggressive Environments.


  • Mounting Rivets from brass requires Riveting pneumatic equipment.
  • The General Range of Rivets are available in differ type, length and shape of the rod (solid, through combined), Head Shape.
  • The standard range of Rivets provide Ease of Installation.
  • Rivets are available in different head shapes including semi-circular, countersunk, round and more.
  • High quality rivets are designed for permanent connection of metals and other materials.
  • The Installation of threaded Rivets is a smooth squeezing of two parts of the rivets with a rivet.
  • Rivets are divided into Standard, Metalled, Closed, Rivet-Bolt, Rivet-Nut, Multi-Clamping and Corrugated.


  • Rivets are used to fix two pieces of metal or wood to metal.
  • The general range of rivets utilized in applications where reliability and safety is important.
  • Standard Range of Rivets are ideal for every Industry including Automotive, Electronic, Hydraulic System, Telecommunication and more.
  • Rivets are Widely Used for joining materials.
  • High Grade Rivets provide Reliable fixation in conditions of vibration loads and static impacts.
  • German Standard Rivets are widely used for fastening wall panels and other elements.
  • Rivets are used to connect structural elements to each other.
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