Cable Glands

Cable Glands

Cable Glands are the most reliable and durable components for securing and protecting the cables and required elements in hazardous or harsh environments. Cable Glands are made of various metals including Brass, Stainless Steel, Plastic, Aluminium, Nickel Plated Brass and more. The function of Cable Glands is to protect the Conductors and Cables from mechanical damage and protect assembly against ingress of dust and moisture. Depending on Cable Glands and their applications, the different types of Cable Glands Accessories including Earth Tag, Lock Nut, Reducer, Adapters, PVC Shrouds, Serreted Washers and more are manufactured according to International Standards.

Following are the specification of Custom Cable Glands:


  • Steel Alloy
  • Stainless Steel
  • Brass
  • Copper
  • Aluminium
  • Nickle Plated Brass
  • Plastic


  • Cable Glands are available with High Protection Classes IP67, IP68, IP69 or any other.
  • The range of Cable Glands provides High Level of operational reliability and longevity under heavy vibration loads.
  • Cable Glands meet the International Standards including VDE, UL, CSA, EAC, European EMC and ATEX.
  • Waterproof and Weatherproof Cable Glands.
  • Cable Glands are resistant to Corrosion.
  • Cable Glands are resistant to Mechanical Impacts and Shock Loads.


  • Wide Range of Cable Glands, Available for each application.
  • Cable Glands have excellent Strain Relief Properties.
  • Cable Glands are coated with the various special coating for used even in conditions of increased dust and humidity.
  • Electromagnetic Protection Cable Glands are also available.
  • Cable Glands provide Optimum Protection against Tensile loads.


  • Cable Glands are widely used in Marine, Chemical, Construction, Electrical, Oil and Gas, Instrument Control and other Industries.
  • Cable Glands are perfectly suitable for use in the most critical areas.
  • The range of Cable Glands are for Sealing and Fixing Cables in domestic and industrial purpose.
  • Custom Cable Glands widely used in areas where high mechanical and chemical strength required.
We manufacture Cable Glands as per Custom Specification and export in Finland, Jersey, Spain, Switzerland, Ukraine, Austria and other European Countries. For more Information, Please Contact Us or Inquiry Now.