Anchors are available in a cylindrical form with threaded construction. Four segment spacer at the end of the anchors secures the connection in the bearing surface. On the outside of the cylinder, threads are made to prevent the collet from turning in the hole. Anchors are necessary for the spacer in the supporting surface. The compact design of anchors reduces the required drilling capacity and facilitating fast assembly. The Internal Thread allows the use of standard metric bolt and studs, which can be re-installed after dismantling. Brass Anchors can be slightly expanded before installation and screwing. Custom Anchors are available for varied industrial applications.

Following are the specification of Standard Anchors


  • Carbon Steel
  • Stainless Steel A2 and A4
  • Copper
  • Brass
  • Aluminium


  • Anchors has excellent corrosion resistance, vibration resistance and abrasion resistance.
  • The internal thread less part has a cone shaped shape with deceasing diameter, so when the metric of a suitable diameter is screwed, the anchors expand and is securely fixed in the hole
  • External Threads prevent the anchor from rolling the hole at the moment of expansion.
  • The reinforced walls of the anchor make it possible to achieve high loads while maintaining resistance to vibration.
  • Anchors are available with High Strength and ability to withstand high loads.


  • Standard Range of Anchors are easy to install.
  • Anchors are fixed by Screws or bolts.
  • General range of anchors are ideal for long lasting fastening and connection.
  • Installation of Anchor is done with a threaded pin or bolt in the pre-drilled hole.
  • When Screwing the stud (bolt), the anchor expands and presses against the surface of the hole.
  • Anchors are easy to install, fixed by Screwing a bolt or stud.


  • Anchors are used to install non-heavy structures in various substrates including concrete, brick and stone.
  • Standard Anchors are used for fastening lightweight suspended structures.
  • General range of Anchors are designed for light and moderately heavy loads when used in solid base materials.
  • High grade range of anchors has wide application in the installation of ventilation systems, fire extinguishing systems as well as in various construction works.
  • Anchors are used for pendant installation of communications in the absence of direct access to the material of the base.
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