DIN 2510 Studs

DIN 2510 Double end studs with reduced shank with 2 hexagon nuts

DIN Standards are issued for a variety of components including industrial fasteners such as DIN 2510 Double end studs with reduced shank with 2 hexagon nuts. DIN 2510 studs are manufactured from Heat-treated steels, special metals, ASTM or ASME specification, nonmagnetic, magnetic steels, low-temperature steels, titanium and titanium alloys, heat-resistant steels, and high-temperature steels. DIN 2510 studs are available in a wide range of sizes, shapes, coating and materials.

Following are the specification of German DIN 2510 studs:

DIN 2510 Studs
DIN 2510 Studs


  • Good durability.
  • Strength class 10.
  • Complies with EN 10269.
  • DIN 2510 studs have good cutting-edge retention, high hardenability, and maintain their dimensions well during heat treatment.


  • DIN 2510 Bolting components and connections with expansion shank can be used in high temperature and high-pressure environments.
  • DIN 2510 reduced repair and maintenance costs and increased joint life.
  • DIN 2510 studs are suitable for high pressure and Elevated temperatures.
  • DIN 2510 studs have ability to expand or contract without overstretching, cracking, or loosening.


  • DIN 2510 studs are mainly utilized in the petrochemical sector.
  • DIN 2510 studs also have excellent Charpy Notch Impact strength for cryogenic applications.
  • It can be useful in threading tools, drills, gauges, measuring tools, broaches, plastic moulds, shear blades, Drills, Broaches, Gauges, Measuring tools, Plastic Molds, Screw connections and guide rails.
  • DIN 2510 is used in Oil & Gas industry, Electricity industry, Construction industry, Solar energy industry, Automotive industry, Petrochemical industry and Machinery & Equipment industry.
  • These studs are suitable for use in the conditions like High pressure, Elevated temperatures, Cryogenic applications, Rugged applications, Extensive mechanical and thermal stress, Alternating loads.

Dimension specification of DIN 2510 studs

d l1 l = 120 mm l = 140 mm l = 160 mm l = 180 mm l = 200 mm
M10 30 59,9 69,9 79,8 89,8 99,8
M 12 40 86,3 100,7 115 129,4 143,8
M16 50 156 182 208 234 260
M 20 50 294 336 378 420
M 24 60 399 456 513 570
We manufacture DIN 2510 studs as per Custom Specifications and export to France, Italy, Switzerland, Poland, Greece, the UK, and other European Countries. For more Information, Please Contact Us or Inquiry Now.