DIN 7516 Screws

DIN 7516 Self-Tapping Screws or Thread-Cutting Screws

DIN Standards are issued for a variety of components including industrial fasteners as DIN 7516 Self-Tapping Screws or Thread-Cutting Screws. DIN 7516 Screws are manufactured from stainless steel Grade A2 and A4, Brass, Alloy Steel or many other materials. DIN 7516 Screws are available in a wide range of sizes, shapes and materials.

Following are the specification of DIN 7516 Screws:

din 7516
din 7516 screw


  • DIN 7516 Self-Tapping Screws forms A, D, E with a cross shaped slot.
  • Complies GOST 10619-80, GOST 10620-80 and GOST 10621-80.
  • Flat Countersunk Head Cross Recessed (Philips) Drive thread cutting screws.
  • Self-Tapping Screws with blunted tip and specialized grooves in their threads that are designed to help remove material from pilot hole in the substrate.


  • Zinc Coating increase the service life of DIN 7516 Screws in conditions of high humidity, thereby protecting the screw from corrosion of the metal.
  • The grooves on the screw enhances the ability of the DIN 7516 flat countersunk head cross recessed (Phillips) drive thread cutting screws to tap its own thread.
  • The ideal diameter of the pilot hole should be determined on the basis of adequate testing.
  • Flat Countersunk Heads have a flat top surface and a cone shaped bearing surface with a head angle of approximately 90°.


  • The DIN 7516 Fasteners under consideration cut the threads themselves, which will be useful also when the required threaded hole is deformed and new threads need to be cut.
  • Used in Construction Applications.
  • A slightly smaller core pilot hole diameter can be used for thin walled substrates made from softer materials.
  • Used for application where the head must be flush with the mating surface of the substrate.

Dimension specification of DIN 7516 Screws

Dimension M3 M4 M5 M6 M8
dk max 6 8 10 12 16
kmax 2.4 3.1 3.8 4.6 6
TORX size T10 T20 T25 T30 T40
core hole *) 2.7 3.6 4.5 5.5 7.4
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