DIN Screws

DIN Screws

DIN Screws are fastening elements made in accordance with the German DIN Standard. DIN Screws are very popular in various field of production, construction and also has excellent quality and reliability. Types of DIN Screws are depending two purpose, Fasteners and Installation.

Following are the specification of German DIN Screws:


  • Steel A1, A2, A4
  • Stainless Steel A1, A2, A4
  • Brass
  • Copper
  • Aluminium
  • Titanium


  • German Standard DIN Screws are available in various head shapes including flat, round, oval, pan head and more.
  • General Range of DIN screws are available with various slots including Straight Slot, Cross Phillips, Cross Shaped Slot, Round Slot, Torx Slot and more.
  • DIN standard screws are available with various coating and finish including chromium, copper, nickel, oxide, cadmium, zinc as well as yellow or black passivation.
  • The head is usually larger than the body of the screw, which keeps the screw from being driven deeper than the length of the screw and to provide a bearing surface.


  • The protective layer of DIN screws increases the service life of the product due to resistance to corrosion of the metal.
  • General range of DIN screws are designed to mate with a complementary thread, known as a female thread (internal thread), often in the form of a nut or an object that has the internal thread formed into it.
  • The majority of DIN screws are tightened by clockwise rotation, which is termed a right-hand thread.
  • DIN Screws are externally threaded fasteners which have thread form and prohibits assembly with a nut having a straight thread of multiple pitch length is a screw.
  • DIN Screws with tapered shanks are designed to either be driven into a substrate directly or into a pilot hole in a substrate.
  • DIN Screws with a non-tapered shank are designed to mate with a nut or to be driven into a tapped hole.


  • DIN Screws are used in Production, Construction and Engineering.
  • German Standard DIN screws are used to form a threaded connection or fixation.
  • General Range of DIN screws hold Object together and to position objects.
  • DIN Screws are widely used for almost all fastening and installation Purpose.

We Also Provide Following Types of DIN Screws:

Descriptive Name DIN Screws Equivalent Norms
Slotted Cheese Head Screws DIN 84 ISO 1207; CSN 021131; PN 82215; UNI 6107.
Slotted Oval Head Wood Screws DIN 95 CSN 021815; PN 82504; UNI 703.
Slotted Round Head Wood Screws DIN 96 CSN 021812; PN 82505; UNI 701.
Slotted Flat Head Wood Screws DIN 97 CSN 021814; PN 82503; UNI 702.
Wing screws with rectangular wings (American version) DIN 316 A CSN 021365; UNI 5449.
Wing screws with rounded wings DIN 316 D CSN 021365.
Slotted headless screw with flat point DIN 427 PN 82271; DIN EN 2342.
Knurled thumb Screw DIN 465 NA
Slotted set screws with cone point DIN 553 ISO 7434; CSN 021185; PN 82273; UNI 7434; EU 27434; DIN EN 27434.
Hexagonal screws, production class C DIN 558 Current norm: DIN EN 24018 Equivalent norms: ISO 4018; CSN 021303; PN 82105; EU 24018.
Hexagon head screws with small hexagon and dog point – steel DIN 561 A CSN 021115.
Hexagon head screws with small hexagon and dog point – steel DIN 561 B CSN 021115.
Hexagon set screws with cone point DIN 564 A NA
Ejector screw with hexagonal head and a tapered end DIN 564 B NA
Flat Knurled Thumb Screws DIN 653 CSN 021162; PN 82457.
Cylindrical countersunk screws DIN 792 NA
Hexagon socket set screws with flat point. DIN 913 ISO 4026; CSN 021187; PN 82314; UNI 5923; EU 24026; DIN EN ISO 4026.
Hexagon socket set screws with cone point DIN 914 ISO 4027; CSN 021191; PN 82315; UNI 5927; EU 24027; DIN EN ISO 4027.
Hexagon socket set screws with full dog point DIN 915 ISO 4028; CSN 021189; PN 82316; UNI 5925; EU 24028; DIN EN ISO 4028.
Hexagon socket set screws with cup point DIN 916 ISO 4029; PN 82317; UNI 5929; EU 24029; DIN EN ISO 4029.
Slotted Pan Head Screws, Small Head DIN 920 CSN 021130; PN 82281.
Slotted pan head screws with large head DIN 921 PN 82280.
Slotted pan head screws with small head and full dog point DIN 922 NA
Slotted pan head screws with shoulder DIN 923 PN 61241.
Slotted raised countersunk head screws with full dog point DIN 924 NA
Slotted Countersunk Head Screws With Full Dog Point DIN 925 NA
Slotted set screws with full point DIN 926 NA
Slotted Shoulder Screws DIN 927 NA
Hexagon head bolts with thread up to head DIN 933 ISO 4017; CSN 021103; PN 82105; UNI 5739; EU 24017; DIN EN 24017.
Partially Threaded Hex Cap Screw (Fine Thread) DIN 960 ISO 8765; CSN 021101; PN 82101; UNI 5738; EU 28676; DIN EN 28765.
Hex Cap Screws, Metric Fine Thread – Full Thread DIN 961 ISO 8676; CSN 021103; PN 82105; UNI 5740; EU 28765; DIN EN 28676.
Slotted raised countersunk oval head screws DIN 964 ISO 2010; CSN 021155; PN 82211; UNI 6110; DIN EN ISO 2010.
Cross recessed countersunk flat head screws DIN 965 ISO 7046; CSN 021152; PN 82208; UNI 7688; DIN EN ISO 7046-1, 7046-2
Cross recessed raised countersunk head screws DIN 966 ISO 7047; CSN 021156; PN 82212; UNI 7689; DIN EN ISO 7047.
Screw with metric thread DIN 32501 NA
Sleeper Screws DIN 5914 NA
Grub screws with thrust point DIN 6332 PN 61260
Cap screws thin cylindrical head DIN 6912 NA
Thread forming screws with cross recessed raised cheese head Z DIN 7500 C ISO 15480; CSN 021223.
Thread forming screws with hexagon head DIN 7500 E ISO 15480; CSN 021223.
Self Drilling screws DIN 7504 P UNI 8119 P; ISO 15482.
Drilling screws hex DIN 7504 K UNI 8117 K; ISO 15480.
Self Drilling screws DIN 7504 N UNI 8118 N; ISO 15481.
Self Drilling screws DIN 7504 NTX NA
Hex tapping screws A = with hexagon head DIN 7513 A NA
Hex tapping screws B = with cylinder head and slot DIN 7513 B CSN 021226.
Hex tapping screws countersunk head with slot F DIN 7513 F CSN 021228.
Hollow screws DIN 7643 NA
Tapping screws, slotted pan head DIN 7971 DIN ISO 1481; ISO 1481; CSN 021232; PN 83106; UNI 6591.
Slotted raised countersunk head tapping screws DIN 7973 DIN ISO 1483; ISO 1483; CSN 021238; PN 83104; UNI 6953.
Hexagon head self tapping screws DIN 7976 ISO 1479; CSN 021231; PN 83101; UNI 6949.
Pan head tapping screws with cross recess H and Z, Form F DIN 7981 F ISO 7049; CSN 021235; UNI 6954.
Pan head tapping screws with cross recess H and Z, Form C DIN 7981 C Current norm: DIN ISO 7049; Equivalent norms: ISO 7049; CSN 021235; UNI 6954;
Countersunk (Flat) Head Tapping Screws with Cross Recess, Form C DIN 7983 Current norm: DIN ISO 7051; Equivalent norms: ISO 7051; CSN 021239; UNI 6956.
Hexagon socket thin head cap screws DIN 7984 Current norm: DIN 7984; Equivalent norms: UNI 9327.
Cross recessed raised cheese head screws DIN 7985 Current norm: DIN EN ISO 704;5 Equivalent norms: ISO 7045; CSN 021147; PN 82202; UNI 7687.
Cross recessed pan head wood screws DIN 7996 Current norm: DIN 7996; Equivalent norms: CSN 021822; PN 82505; UNI 8180.
Plate screws DIN 15237 Current norm: DIN 15237; Equivalent norms: CSN 021329.
Screw with metric thread DIN 32501 NA
We manufacture DIN Screws as per Custom Specification and export in France, Italy, Switzerland, Poland, Greece, UK and other European Countries. For more Information, Please Contact Us or Inquiry Now.