DIN 1052 Washers

DIN 1052 Washers for wood constructions

DIN Standards are issued for various components including industrial fasteners like Metric DIN 1052 washers for wood constructions. DIN 1052 washers are manufactured from steel, stainless steel, plastic, non-ferrous, and marine stainless steel. DIN 1052 washers are available in various sizes, shapes, finishes, and materials.

Following are the specifications of German DIN 1052 washers:

DIN 1052 Washer
DIN 1052 Washer


  • Thicker than standard flat washers.
  • These types of washers are used as a spacer.
  • Oversized washers with larger outer diameters.
  • Corrosion and Fire resistant.
  • Complies with CSN 021727, DIN EN 1995-1-1, 1995-1-1/NA.


  • DIN 1052 washers have excellent durability against powerful hurricanes.
  • These washers are made of wood and are commonly used to secure sills and beams.
  • They have a larger washer size to ensure that force is evenly distributed.
  • These washers can increase strength.


  • These washers can be useful when the bolt and nut assembly isn’t tight enough.
  • DIN 1052 washers are useful for applications which need waterproof fasteners.
  • When connecting wood to metal components, such as anchoring wood to concrete with bolts, DIN 1052 washers provide a buffer and prevent direct contact between the dissimilar materials, reducing the risk of corrosion.
  • When fastening bolts or screws through wood, DIN 1052 washers act as protective barriers between the fastener head and the wood surface. This helps prevent damage to the wood and ensures a more secure connection.
  • DIN 1052 washers can be used as shims to provide precise spacing between wood components. This is common in applications where alignment or clearance is critical.
  • DIN 1052 washers are used in dowel connections to distribute the load and provide additional support, ensuring a strong and stable joint.

Dimension specification of DIN 1052 washers:

d* d1 d2 s
M12 14 58 6
M16 18 68 6
M20 23 80 8
M22 25 92 8
M24 27 105 8
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