brass components
brass components

Special Brass Components

The Special Brass Components are manufactured under mass production with state-of-art technology and equipment. The Manufactured Range of Standard Brass Components provides superior strength, free-cutting, corrosion resistance and non-magnetic performance while being environmentally friendly. The High Quality of Brass Components are manufactured from the material melting, forging, extrusion, drawing, correction, annealing and inspection at each process. The Range of Brass Components includes Turned  Components, Neutral Links, Earth Bars, Line Taps and more.

Lead Free Brass Components

As a leader of Manufacturing Wide Variety of Brass Components, we have taken up some challenges to meet the new technological requirement of our valued clients. All Brass Components are made from lead free alloys which fully complies new lead-free regulations and has been certified by international standards. Lead Free Brass Components have strength equivalent to stainless steel. They are not brittle at high temperatures. The Industry Wide Flexibility of our Brass Components production ensure to meet short term or mass volume requirements.

Machined Brass Components

The Machined Brass Components are manufactured with the most precise methods include turning, milling, drilling, sawing and grinding. The other machining process Forging and Casting are also applied to the custom specified Brass Components. The finished Machined Brass Components are available with excellent mechanical properties in terms of density and strength which are derived with heat treatment. The alloying or machining brass components can be tailored to the specific requirements of individual applications for widely used in all Industrial Sectors. The Customized Mechanical Properties and the possibility of surface treatment also play a significant role in Providing High Quality and Standard Brass Components.

Require Accurate and Custom Product Solutions for your Industry?

Whether your industry require small or large volume manufacturing, our Custom Manufacturing Facilities for Products including diameter, size, color, finishing operation, type, configuration and material make us different from other for providing accurate and standard production.

brass components
Brass Components

The General Range of Brass Components include Neutral Links, Line Taps, Split Bolt Connectors, Brass Connectors and more as per custom specification.


The Wide Range of fasteners include German Standard DIN fasteners, DIN Screws, DIN Nuts, DIN Rivets, Inserts, Anchors and more as per custom specification.

threaded inserts
Threaded Inserts

The Standard Range of Inserts include Threaded Inserts, Knurling Inserts, Ultrasonic Inserts, Hex Inserts, Square Inserts, Expansion Inserts, Molding Inserts and more.

neutral links
Neutral Links

Standard Neutral Links include Neutral Links 4 Way, Neutral Links 8 Way, DIN Rail Neutral Links, Neutral Links with Base and more as per custom specification.

terminal blocks
Terminal Blocks

The range of Terminal Blocks include PCB Terminal Blocks, Euro Style Terminal Blocks, DIN Rail Terminal Blocks, Screw Terminal Blocks and more as per custom specification.

battery terminals
Battery Terminals

German Standard Battery Terminals include DIN 72331 & DIN 72332 Battery Terminals, Copper Battery terminals, Auto Battery Terminals, Marine Battery Terminals and more.

cable glands
Cable Glands

The Range of Cable Glands include PG Cable Glands, Stainless Steel Cable Glands, IP68 Cable Glands, Marine JIS Cable Glands, PVC Cable Glands, Elbow Cable Glands and more.

turned parts
Turned Parts

Turned Parts include Machined Turned Parts, CNC Turned Parts, Precision Turned Parts, Aluminium Turned Parts, Standard Turned Parts, SS Turned Parts and more.